Do we make our own decisions?

Have you ever though about you? Who you are? How did you end up here? Why are you working as office administrator instead of working some more inspiring job? Why do you drive green sedan instead of black coupe? Why did you get that huge mortgage loan for your house when it was too big for you?

Do you ever think about smaller things – why do you drink that brand of coffee you’re currently drinking? Do you honestly think that there are no better tasting coffees for same price? Why did you buy your shirt in Tommy Hilfiger instead of buying it in some more affordable store? Do you think that Tommy Hilfiger shirts are worth that kind of money? Do you think that you couldn’t have bought better looking and more comfortable shirt from some other famous brand for the same amount?

What we do and, more importantly, what we are is determined by decisions we are making every day. If you’d pay more attention in physics classes maybe today you would be rocket scientist driving black coupe and be key figure for space explorations whose name would be some day written in history books. Or maybe you wouldn’t be rocket scientist even though you were best in your physics classes. Who knows? But one thing is sure – you are here in this moment, doing what are you doing, driving whatever you’re driving, because of decisions you made in your past.

The most important question here is – DO WE MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS? If we do not make our own decisions than our life path is not determined by us, but by others.Then we are here in this moment, doing what we are doing and driving whatever we’re driving because of some other influences and not entirely by our own will.

Unfortunately, we are NOT making our decisions entirely by ourselves. Nobody is. You’re coffee isn’t entirely your choice. You did choose what are you going to drink this morning, but you didn’t choose entirely by yourself. You were heavily influenced by ads and sale and promotion tricks, cleverly designed by behavioral scientist and marketing teams in order to make you think that their coffee is the best. Your behavior was analysed by researchers and input data was given to behavioral scientist who then closely analysed your decision-making patterns and created decision problems for you which MADE you buy your coffee.

Due to this our rationality is diminished by influence of biases and heuristics.


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